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Remap Home and End Buttons for External Keyboard on Mac

There are few things so frustrating than having to change stuff you have in your muscle memory, like hitting ctrl + c for copy or in this case using the…

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How To Avoid Adsense on WordPress 404 pages

In 9 cases out of 10, you’re probably using the custom HTML Widget to add your Adsense code onto your Wordpress based site.

That’s fine but it comes with a caveat. What to do when someone navigates to your nicely dressed up 404 page? A simple filter will fix it for you.

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Using GIT with Google Drive – a Tutorial

The source control system that is the current (Dec 2012) flavor of the year is Git. If you’re anything like me you have reluctantly gone over from SVN and found that it’s quite OK.

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Review of Lenovo T440s, Late 2013

I’m a long time user of Lenovo computers. Having gone through a T41p, T61, T420, and now the latest the x230 I’ve just received and started using the much anticipated Lenovo T440s. So, how good is it? How does it carry the Lenovo legacy of excellent build quality that we’ve come to expect from the Lenovo X- and T-Series? Let’s see, shall we.

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