Not losing weight with LCHF – Top 5 Reasons

Have you been there yourself? Everyone and their dog to is raving about their weight loss and how easy it was using LCHF (or LCHQ as it is sometimes referred to). Yes, even we here at iExplain have successfully used the low carb diet to shed those extra pounds. But this seem to be not so for everyone.

We’ve listed the most common reasons why ordinary people (not obese nor underweight but in the BMI range of 25 – 33) doesn’t seem to be losing weight. In short; the most common pitfalls and mistakes when using the LCHF diet.

As usual, we want to be very clear about the fact that you should not follow any advice from this or other sites if you feel ill or are using any prescribed medications. Please consult with a physician / medical doctor before changing your diet if you are unsure.

So, here we go:

1)      You are eating hidden carbs. Many are the times when people have called us saying, we followed the diet but is still gaining weight. When asked about if they are really sticking to the LCHF diet and avoiding sugar in all forms, they say yes but well… there was this one beer they had, or the salad dressing, or a bit of bread in the morning. Failing to comply 100% with a low carb high fat diet will, in worst case give you the opposite result, since the body will try to hoard the little sugar that you do present to it

2)      You are eating too little.  Practically all other diets stipulate that you should only eat so much of this, and so much of that whereas with LCHF you can eat quite much more. Many people do the common mistake of trying to skip a meal since it will speed things up a bit. Not so. If you skip a meal you will put your body in starvation mode and it will try to keep everything it gets

3)      You are eating too seldom. Many think that sticking to only three meals a day is the trick. Stop thinking that. If you instead try to never get hungry (which should be quite easy after a while since LCHF diets have a tendency of decreasing the hunger feelings due to a lower blood sugar level) by eating in-between meals consisting of fruits (not bananas), an egg, some nuts or something else that doesn’t have any (or very little) carbs in them, you should be able to keep the body burning fat all the time and in a more steady pace

4)      You are eating chocolate and peanuts. Though part of the first item in this list, it is well worth pointing out that you should be very restrictive with chocolate. Many books that talk about Atkins, GI or LCHF diets always talk about how great it is to be able to eat as much as you like. In the next sentence they talk about 70% cocoa chocolate bars and peanuts of different flavors. But the fact is that you should beware of these two. It’s true the carb is less than for light chocolate, but peanuts often have a coating that is filled with carbs and a chocolate bar that tastes good without any sugar at all hasn’t been invented yet. So ease up on the chocolate and peanuts.

5)      You’re too impatient. Even though Sally so-and-so lost 5 pounds the first week doesn’t mean you will. Neither does it mean that you’re doing anything wrong just because you haven’t. bare in mind that everyone wants to be a winner. No one wants to be a loser. That’s why you hear about people who have invested four weeks into this diet rave about it, even though it may not be so easy, it may not be the fact that they actually lost that much weight. So hang in there and keep item 1-4 in this list in mind.

Face the facts; it’s hard to be on a diet – any diet. LCHF is no exception. Anyone who tells you different is either trying to fool you or herself, or both. That said, LCHF does work for the most part and since it comes with fewer restrictions, and often faster results, than that of other weight watching diets, it’s become so immensely popular. Try another week and see how it goes. If it doesn’t work for you, maybe LCHF wasn’t for you. In any case, keep your chin up. Good luck in your continued weight losing endeavors.

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