MetaStock Review

Product Overview

The MetaStock software for technical analysis brings more than 10 years of experience of building charting software for traders. With support for building your own system for trading, the scanning system called MetaStock Explorer, and Expert Advisor to help you interpret the trading signals you get, it’s comprehensive enough to cover the basic needs of a beginning trader.

MetaStock comes with over 150 indicators together with the possibility to build custom indicators for technical analysis. It allows for extensive back testing of your own trading systems with its MetaStock Enhanced System Tester.

MetaStock support technical analysis for trader’s in stocks, futures, and forex trading.

MetaStock Review and Opinions

The Good MetaStock adds built in trading signal support and decent explanations for traders who are just starting out trading. The back testing using MetaStock Enhanced System Tester is very easy. It’s quite simple adding your own indicators or tweaking the existing technical analysis indicators. Although we didn’t try it for forex, it should be working for both forex, stocks, and futures, just as promised.

The not so good Compared to many other back testing capable charting software out there, MetaStock falls a bit short in speed and in displaying the results of your back tested trading systems. The UI still lacks trader savvy in our opinion, and it could have even better built in support for traders who want to use a quote source online.

The bottom line MetaStock has been around for a long time for a reason. Any trader, whether it’s forex or stocks or derivative trading should be able to benefit from it. If you want extensive back testing of your own developed trading systems, or portfolio testing you might want to look elsewhere.

No matter what charting software you choose, we wish you good luck on your trading. Feel free to contact us if you have any opinions on this MetaStock review or want to write your own reviews.

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