macOS – Operation not permitted /tmp not writable

With macOS Mojave, there are new security settings that make using the terminal or iTerm2 next to impossible unless you add it to allow for Full Disk Access to get rid of the rather cryptic Operation not Permitted /tmp not writable error

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cronjob in macOS the right way

How to add a cronjob in macOS

Mac is user friendly, right? Well yes, until it isn’t. These days, many people develop software using VMs or Dockers or Docker-isch container systems. In such cases, you never really…

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How To Avoid Adsense on WordPress 404 pages

In 9 cases out of 10, you’re probably using the custom HTML Widget to add your Adsense code onto your Wordpress based site.

That’s fine but it comes with a caveat. What to do when someone navigates to your nicely dressed up 404 page? A simple filter will fix it for you.

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