MetaStock Review

Equis, the makers of the popular charting software MetaStock, now on their 10th version of their MetaStock End-of-Day software which they claim is specifically designed for traders who do their analysis after the markets close.
With long since full coverage for all types of traders; stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, commodities, FOREX, or indices. Sounds impressive. How good is it? Read this review to find out. Note! Equis or MetaStock are not in any way responsible or associated with this review.

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Buy and Hold – What Does it Mean?

So let’s look at what the term buy-and-hold really means.

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EMA Defined

EMA is used in technical analysis to show the trend of a stock or future or whatever the underlying security. The figures after EMA, such as EMA11 or EMA50 pertains to the number of days for which the moving average is calculated. The higher the number, the slower reaction on the trend.

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How to Short Stocks

You have probably heard a lot about shorting stocks lately, if not before surely when it became banned to short financial stocks for a while during the bank crisis of ’08. So what does it mean and how do you go about shorting stocks and what risks are accompanied with it?

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Review of Lenovo T440s, Late 2013

I’m a long time user of Lenovo computers. Having gone through a T41p, T61, T420, and now the latest the x230 I’ve just received and started using the much anticipated Lenovo T440s. So, how good is it? How does it carry the Lenovo legacy of excellent build quality that we’ve come to expect from the Lenovo X- and T-Series? Let’s see, shall we.

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