Varilux X Lenses

Review: Varilux X – The Best Lenses?

Varilux X comes with a lot of promises and keeps quite quite a few of them. This review of Varilux X Progressive Lenses for a rather regular prescription tells you what we think is the pros and possible cons of this highly anticipated lens.

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macOS – Operation not permitted /tmp not writable

With macOS Mojave, there are new security settings that make using the terminal or iTerm2 next to impossible unless you add it to allow for Full Disk Access to get rid of the rather cryptic Operation not Permitted /tmp not writable error

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cronjob in macOS the right way

How to add a cronjob in macOS

Mac is user friendly, right? Well yes, until it isn’t. These days, many people develop software using VMs or Dockers or Docker-isch container systems. In such cases, you never really…

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Home / End working as expected on macOS

Remap Home and End Buttons for External Keyboard on Mac

There are few things so frustrating than having to change stuff you have in your muscle memory, like hitting ctrl + c for copy or in this case using the…

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Alden Indy 403

Alden Indy 403 – One Year Review

About a year ago, in the spring of 2017, I got myself a pair of Alden 403 Workboots or Alden Indy, as they’re named these days. These are the standard 403 make up with brown chromexcel leather, 270 welt, neocork soles, and on the Trubalance last. This is my review – one year in.

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How To Avoid Adsense on WordPress 404 pages

In 9 cases out of 10, you’re probably using the custom HTML Widget to add your Adsense code onto your Wordpress based site.

That’s fine but it comes with a caveat. What to do when someone navigates to your nicely dressed up 404 page? A simple filter will fix it for you.

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Using GIT with Google Drive – a Tutorial

The source control system that is the current (Dec 2012) flavor of the year is Git. If you’re anything like me you have reluctantly gone over from SVN and found that it’s quite OK.

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EMA – How to calculate it

Exponetial Moving Average (EMA for short) is one of the most used indicators in technical analysis today. But how do you calculate it for yourself, using a paper and a pen or – preferred – a spreadsheet program of your choice. Let’s find out in this explanation of EMA calculation.

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How to Calculate MACD

MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence. It makes use of moving averages of different time frames to indicate momentum changes and swings in the mood of the crowd, to give buying and selling signals that catches the big moves.
By many thought to be the best of all technical analysis indicators available, we will show you how MACD is quite simple to calculate as it is based on earlier calculations of EMA (exponential moving averages).

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Not losing weight with LCHF – Top 5 Reasons

Though successful for many, some followers – quite a few, actually – don’t lose weight, or lose very little weight using a Low Carb High Fat diet (or Atkins / GI diet as it is also known as). Why is that?

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